ZARM Technik attitude control system

ZARM Technik AG was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the Centre of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity, an institute of the University of Bremen. The goal of this enterprise was to promote the exploitation of inventions made by the university institute.

As the institute successfully contributed to several German Space missions the field of work of ZARM Technik focused on the development and manufacturing of components for the attitude control system of satellites. Since its founding ZARM Technik became one of the leading manufacturers of magnetic torquers and magnetometers in Europe and worldwide.

Components produced for satellites are in use on most European and numerous international spacecraft. ZARM Technik AG manufactures for most large system integrators, and several universities and Space agencies world wide. By now more than 70 international missions have been supplied with high performance products, a number of these are in service on orbit for several years.

In addition to these demanding activities ZARM Technik AG provides services for research and development, solutions for software problems and scientific consulting in the aerospace sector. Our engineers, work in small, highly efficient teams, design new components for spacecraft and optimise current systems and solutions. Over the last years ZARM Technik AG has received several awards for successful work in different projects.