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Vibration Test Lab

The ZARM vibration test lab enables fatigue testing for a variety of technical applications. We are specialists in the testing of aerospace components and scientific test setups.

Thermal Vacuum Chamber

The ZARM thermal vacuum chamber and thermal cycling chamber are frequently used to simulate aerospace environment in order to test flight hardware as well as components designed for space missions.


The ZARM centrifuge is Europe’s only large scale hyper-gravity facility able to test and certify objects of up to 1.5 tons in weight.

ZARM Test Center

Located in the North of Germany ZARM conveniently combines a variety of test labs for small and large scale aerospace components. With us you can test your products in vacuum, in extreme and variable thermal environments, under vibration, as well as in hyper- and microgravity.  You will be attended by our qualified ZARM experts with many years of experience in engineering and the performance of aerospace projects. With our broad range of test environments we are able to offer highly individual test designs and always strive for a maximum of flexibility in order to meet your milestones. For questions concerning any of our test labs give us a call (Dr. Thorben Könemann, +49 421 218-57785), arrange a visit at ZARM and its test facilities or read more here.


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