Test Labs

Vibration Test Lab

The ZARM vibration test lab enables fatigue testing for a variety of technical applications. We are specialists in the testing of aerospace components and scientific test setups. Our test lab makes it possible to test devices not only while they are in full operation but also under exposure to additional endurance test loads such as temperature cycling, icing, pressure surge etc. For further information please contact Ulrich Kaczmarczik or read more...


Ulrich Kaczmarczik

+49 421 218-57790



Thermal Vacuum Chamber

The ZARM thermal vacuum chamber and thermal cycling chamber are frequently used to simulate aerospace environment in order to test flight hardware as well as components designed for space missions. With our test chambers we can offer you a maximum of flexibility to meet your needs. For further information please contact Bernd Carsten Sander or read more...


Bernd Carsten Sander

+49 421 218-57781




The ZARM centrifuge is Europe’s only large scale hyper-gravity facility able to test and certify objects of up to 1.5 tons in weight. Its primary role is to test prototypes of aerospace components and subsystems, and offers the unique capability of being able to expose test objects to a hyper-gravity environment up to 30 times the Earth's gravity while they are fully operational. For further information please contact Holger Oelze or read more...


Holger Oelze

+49 42121857770