Magnetic Torquers Magnetometer

Magnetic Torquers

Orient your spacecraft and manage angular momentum onboard


Fast and accurate attitude determination


ZARM Technik AG is one of the leading suppliers for attitude control equipment. It was founded in 1997 as a spin-off company and commercial branch of the university institute ZARM. ZARM Technik AG is specialised in providing customised attitude determination and control system solutions covering special hardware and software developments. Today ZARM Technik AG produces and delivers space technology products for small low cost satellites as well as for large scale constellations. Test and engineering services can be offered in cooperation with ZARM and other organisations.

Project news

Test 3

swarm certificate of appreciation received

For the successfully launched ESA Swarm Mission ZARM Technik received the certificate of appreciation as supplier for Magnetic Torquersmore

Test 2

Sentinel-2A launched successfully

Sentinel-2A launched successfully, adding to the heritage for both the Magnetic Torquer and Magnetometer of ZARM Technik AGmore